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Skype Prime was a premium service from Skype Technologies that allowed you to accept calls from clients on a "pay per call" basis, register your payment details to receive your earnings directly through PayPal, set up your service and add optional extras with additional fees, choose various charging options such as per minute or one-off fees.

Skype designed the Prime program as a test. Skype Prime was set up to fail when launched in March 2007 as part of Skype for Windows 3.1. The rates charged to service providers meant you would be paid just 55% of sales after Skype collected VAT (which might not even apply in your country) starting four months after you delivered the service. Skype Prime's maximum rate was too low so high-end billable services, like architecture or nursing, could not charge enough. Prime’s minimum rate was too high, so people in developing countries could never afford the service. Skype never promoted it seriously, burying it on the web site. The software user experience was confusing and didn't quickly iterate to improve (understaffed). The Prime provider directories didn't benefit from any insights from eBay's experts at creating active markets and trusted communities.

Skype’s sixth president, Josh Silverman, cut the project in 2008 shortly after he took control of Skype while clearing a number of deadwood projects.


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